Magnolia Court, Warragul

About the Home

The design of this home represents a modern interpretation of traditional forms with its sharp gable roofs and clean, geometric lines. The crip white exterior provides a simple colour scheme combined with natural wooden accents which adds warmth to the entry and the home's minimalist aesthetic.

Architectural details of the large, round window and sharp gable roof profiles break up the uniformity of the weatherboard cladding, adding character and focal points to the design.

Stepping inside the home, the entryway sets the tone with its light-filled open space and neutral travertine tiles that seamlessly transition into warm wooden flooring.

Moving into the kitchen, the heart of the home, the design continues to marry functionality with style. The kitchen boasts clean lines with flat-panel cabinetry and a harmonious blend of wood and white finishes. An archway subtly separates the kitchen from adjacent spaces, continuing the soft curvature theme found throughout the home.

The living and dining area is a spacious, light-infused room with high, vaulted ceiling, highlite windows and extensive glazing allowing natural light to illuminate the space. The décor is minimalist, with a neutral color scheme that is both calming and sophisticated. A central stone fireplace stands as a focal point, inviting cozy gatherings.

Overall, the design of this home is a harmonious blend of contemporary minimalism, functionality, and subtle nods to classic architectural elements.

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